How to book

Booking procedures & general information

  • Please get in touch to see if space is available. Phone (best option), email or use the form on the Contact page.
  • Email is only for the purpose of checking available space and bookings 
  • Questions relating to health matters are not answered on email – please phone me, I am more than happy to help you.
  • Why would you like to call?… People practise yoga for many reasons, as it’s a very healing practice. You may wish to ask questions in relation to a specific health matter personal to you, also to see how yoga can help your particular needs and how suitable it is for you. Once again, please phone if you are unsure I am more than happy to help you. You are under no obligation to attend if you call.
  • Information relating to costs, times and how classes operate, can be found on the Classes page.
  • Classes are popular. If classes are full when you enquire don’t be put off, this indicates quality of class content, effectiveness, teaching experience and that the sessions are enjoyable.. Spaces will come available shortly.
  • Places are allocated in date order of enquiry.
  • If classes are full, most students are enjoying their first session within 3 – 6 weeks, not long. Sometimes it may be longer depending on the time of year, and if it is peak season. Peak times are JAN to MAR & SEP to OCT.
  • It is worth being patient and going on the waiting list if classes are full… WHY… classes can be totally full one week and then several spaces may come available all at once the next week – it happens, that’s life, that’s people. People come and go for so many different reasons.

Change of circumstance

If you find your circumstances have changed after you have been waiting and a space comes available, you are not obliged to take the space; you can remain on the list until the time is right for you again. The opportunity will simply be passed to someone else….. Just tell me when I contact you.

Advance booking

You can book to attend for a later date in the year if you wish. Advance booking is always advisable for the NEW YEAR – book from November the previous year. Also advisable if you wish to join from SEPTEMBER (the start of the academic year) – book from July. Advance booking is not always a guarantee that space will be available but it will mean you should get in relatively close to your reserved time.

Your first session: Honesty box policy

Around the globe every year £££ are lost due to people booking things and not showing up, meaning lost income, inconvenience, and opportunities missed for others. This is why many organisations ask for pre payment on bookings – the yoga school doesn’t!

Yoga is also about ethical living and I like to apply it to classes and offer some trust to you and trust you show the yoga school kind respect. Once you have agreed a start date, if for any reason you cannot attend on the agreed date please let me know at least 1 week in advance or with as much notice as possible. So the space can be passed to someone else. I will thank you for telling me. You are more than welcome at a later date if your circumstances have changed.

We all know the famous quote “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Your Karma depends on your action. Thank you.

Are you a beginner?

The Beginner page will provide you with further information.

Are you pregnant?

I teach One to One sessions for pregnant ladies. You can learn more  on the Pregnancy Yoga page.

Directions to classes

Please see the venues section for all class venues, timings and directions.