Meditation and developing spirituality and what this means.

If you are interested in Meditation, I teach a once monthly group for a small gathering of just 10, to aid effective learning and progress. Entry depends on space availability.
You must also have done yoga for at least 6 months and be current in classes OR have previously attended classes for at least 6 months.

Meditation & Satsang group

Satsang = Spiritual group discussion; meaning “gathering together for the truth”.

This is a meditation circle of learning some wonderful and interesting spiritual philosophy.  As sessions progress,  new matters and meditation techniques are taught and discussed each month. It’s truly a great group – totally fascinating.

It is a forum to talk, discuss and discover new things and really enhance yoga practice. Meditation is an important part of yoga

my yogaOne of the main aims of Asana Practice is to get the body into such a condition to be able to sit comfortably for meditation. This is why yoga is often depicted by someone in Padmasana (Lotus Position). However, feel free to sit on chairs or your blocks or any meditation stools you have, as you need to be comfortable.
As sessions are held in my home, there will be lots of comfy cushions available and a sofa and armchairs.
We will work with all sorts of interesting things.
To truly understand yoga is to live it, and by living it you start to grow in ways you never thought possible. We discuss life warts and all – that is yoga


Patanjali – the Man responsible for bringing structure to yoga practice – laid down his blueprint 2000 years ago: his 8 fold path tells us what we need to bring enlightenment into our lives and to truly feel well. In the second limb of the 8 fold path you find the 5 Niyamas – one of which is about learning & education, the study of sacred text, philosophy and anything that fascinates and expands mind this is called svadhyaya.

Study sacred texts, which are whatever books are relevant to you and inspire and teach you. Education changes a person’s outlook on life. As Iyenga says, a person starts “to realize that all creation is meant for bhakti (adoration) rather than for bhoga (enjoyment), that all creation is divine, that there is divinity within himself and that the energy which moves him is the same that moves the entire universe.”


We then take the energy of each lesson and go into the meditation phase, where new techniques and advice are given each month to help to bring you into meditation. There is a lot to understand about your mind and how meditation works.

The meditation phase lasts about  30 – 45 minutes, depending on the Satsang.

The feeling and energy created in these sessions leaves everyone bouncing out the door


lotus flower