Personal tuition

Emotional well-being photo
Achieving a calm state of mind – techniques on emotional well being also taught.

I teach One to One or two friends together. Each session is 1 hour. I offer a little extra time for your first session due to induction. Sessions are in the comfort of your home, I travel to you. 

Please phone for more information.

What are the benefits of private tuition?

  • I come to you, so you can learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • People choose this way for various reasons, but mainly for the fact that programs are tailored to your specific needs.
  • If you feel a class situation may not be right for you, personal tuition offers the opportunity to understand exactly the best ways in which yoga can help you, in a more detailed and effective manner. Yoga is a remedial  therapy, and really helps with so many health problems.

What can you learn?

You can cherry pick from any element of yoga you wish to learn about or feel will give you more benefit, for example:

  • physical postures to help with aches, pains, poor back health and various physical conditions
  • relaxation to help with a stressful life
  • mental health & well being, to help with depression and low mood and self esteem
  • understand meditation and develop spirituality

Or I can teach you yoga as a whole.


Personal tuition may be more affordable than you think, as sessions are structured solely for you. You don’t have to take a session every week. The frequency is up to you. E.g. a fortnightly session gives you time to absorb and work with the teachings and practice. Private tuition enables you to learn faster, and enable you to practice doing exactly what you need. I leave you with things you can practise in your own time.

Session taken fortnightly or three-weekly reduce the cost significantly pro rata making it not too far removed from classes on a weekly rate, e.g. one session every three weeks – £45 divided by three is £15 per week pro rata – that is just £6.50 extra per week compared to the class rate, for a private trainer.

Sessions are available in the daytimes only Monday to Thursday. I teach set times each week in the evenings. 

Session costs are:

£45.00 for one student per session

£65 for 2 students (2 maximum per session): equating to £32.50 per student. Finding a friend makes it very affordable especially on a fortnightly basis – this would equate to just £16.25 pp per week pro rata).

Your session includes:
2-hour time allocation covering: your 1-hour session, travel to & from you, set up and down time and use of all equipment.

Please call me to discuss this further or to book your appointment.