About Yoga

yoga2What is Yoga? Many people ask this. Explained simply, it is a path to finding unity. Union is the translation of the word yoga. The  practice incorporates techniques that work on your physical body known as the postures, improving your physical health.
Yoga is practised in a peaceful calm environment and looks at the world from a more compassionate, different and positive perspective, and from various practices including really understanding relaxation, breathing, and if desired practising meditation, therefore improving your mental emotional well being for a healthy state of mind and spirit. When all these elements are practised as one, it leads to a complete state of well being in all areas of your life.

Union is the translation of the word yoga.

yoga imageThere are many types of  yoga; this often relates to the Physical part… the fundamental practices of all paths are one, unity with body mind and spirit. Some practices are more about just being and living peacefully, some paths are about doing and living compassionately most are about bringing together all elements of the whole being.
I teach Hatha – Hatha means balance,. This type of yoga works on all elements of the being as a whole.

Yoga can be a solitary practice or done with friends in groups. Postures can be done anywhere you feel, best outside if possible. The mental and spiritual sides of yoga are carried with you, to be used when needed and hopefully manifest into a permanent positive state of being.

Yoga in its own right is not a religion. There is no single prophet, no single holy book, no ritual or rigid way to practice. Practising and understanding yoga is simply a way of  living that can be easily incorporated into the very fabric of everyday  life.

Classes give the opportunity for students to learn how to live yogicly and simply just be, through learning understanding and working with one’s own body, mind and spirit.

yoga2The traditional language of yoga is Sanskrit, the  oldest language of them all. The postures and practices of yoga are widely referred to by many teachers in the Sanskrit language, with the translation in English to follow.
Yoga originated in India, where Hinduism and Buddhism are practised, so  has references to many of the spiritual and religious deities, and also because it’s about a natural way of being, it refers to many elements from the natural world.
Gods and deities and elements in the natural world represent the many different aspects and elements of all of us, therefore offering us guidance towards these virtuous strengths, and helping us to find and work with them.

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