Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner, please read…

Please have no fear if you are a beginner. We all have to start somewhere in all things in life.

I often get asked: “Are you classes suitable for a beginner?”  Yes yes yes! They certainly are.

What constitutes a beginners class?

There are a few things to consider… first of all. What constitutes a beginners class. All it means is that no one has done it before. This has no bearing on your level of physical ability or understanding of the subject from your first session

You could have a beginners class of 20 people and everyone is different ages, shapes, heights abilities and has come along for a variety of different reasons from bad backs to general aches, to wanting to relax, de-stress or simply make new friends. Therefore from a physical point of view, some will be capable of more advance postures from the off, and others won’t.

I have students that have practised for years and when it comes to postures some beginners accomplish great postures that the “so called” experienced yogis can’t. Physically it really doesn’t matter.  The whole point of the physical postures is about doing what is right for you and feeling good.

Holding good correct anatomical posture is more important, and a gentle variation of a pose done well is far more beneficial than trying to move deep and strong and possibly getting out of good poise and straining, all is explained and demonstrated in class.

So how do I begin?

“So how do we all get something out of it” ……there are lots of variations to postures and you work them to the level you decide, many of them are suitable for most people, and it can be easy to work out for yourself what feels good in relation to your body.

Listening to what feels good is very important whilst doing postures, it also paves the way for deeper self awareness, emotionally, physically and mentally. Self awareness is where a deeper sense of control and freedom begins in our lives

Beginning just means your first time – not your level of competence or ability

A forward bend for one person may constitute completely in half with their nose on the floor, yet for another it may be just a few inches of forward movement. Everyone is at a different level at any one time whilst in the same moment in class. There are so many variations and ways to do things

We all move and bend differently, we all have different needs. You are in control. Each posture can be performed by you at the level you feel is right.  With this understanding from you; EVERYONE enjoys each class regardless of their circumstance

In being a beginner, classes under the guidance of a qualified teacher is the correct and sensible road to go down. As with many things in life we need to be taught the correct way. There is a lot to know. I will offer individual advice in relation to your individual health needs.  I also have my eye on you, for your safety.

During a class, postures are taught with much guidance in relation to specific areas of the body, and how it may affect it positively, or negatively if you have a problem. Some things simply are not right for everyone; this is true whether a class is advanced or a beginner level.

How do I improve?

Improving is what that word means to you. If when you first come you can’t touch your toes and you back is weak and a few months later you can and your back feels stronger then your shape and flexibility has improved greatly. Over time you may build strength and flexibility to being able to perform more advanced postures with ease… if you want that?.  Equally if you come because you feel stressed and a few months later you feel you have more calm and peace in your life… you have also improved…. yoga is not all about your physical body

Yes there are some more advanced postures in class, but don’t worry my classes are not advance posture classes which suggests posture after posture is hard. Advanced postures are taught in stages starting with a basic variation. This enables everyone to join in and get something out of it; also a more advance posture is good for the fun factor and to have a personal challenge. Often people surprise themselves.  Some postures can look hard but be quite easy, and equally some postures can look very easy and be quite hard. It is a road to discovery. There is never any pressure to do anything or everything, just take a pause and watch if you like.

Beginners come into classes regularly, you will never be alone.

It is precisely the fact that it is so free for you own individual health and interpretation on postures that makes yoga so popular.

You must also consider that doing yoga postures is only part of the practice of yoga; it’s about so much more. There is time to relax, understand breathing, experience a quieter mind, allowing you to feel more peaceful.

Gain perspective on life and start to feel well balanced and human – this is Well being – FEELING WELL BEING IN THIS MOMENT.

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