For many years I have carried a Thoughts and Feelings book around with me to classes and from time to time I pass it round and invite students to write something. Over the years students have contributed beautiful testimonials as to what they get from yoga, what they feel from classes etc.

I invite you to have a read. Some have put their names, others have not, and it is simply an inspiring collection of real thoughts on yoga from real people.

There are so many lovely entries in the book – I have just chosen a few as I don’t want to go on too much… My favourite is the last one, written by Julia Bilby, who now lives abroad, but came as a young girl with her mum (who still attends classes after 10 years) while at secondary school, and still continues today, when ever and where ever she can, also still visits from time to time.

You too can also be inspired from this book if you come along, and may wish to add to it.

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“I don’t let anything come between me and my yoga – that’s my special time for me – I love this class”

Linda Down

“Yoga has helped me to become the person I have always dreamed of being.”

Ian Wermerling

“I have only been doing yoga for 7 months, after thinking about it for many years, now wish I had started sooner, I feel so calm and relaxed after each session… wonderful.”


“Yoga is incredible. It takes me away from my hectic life and brings me back to being me.”


“NOW is a word I associate with yoga – it wasn’t something I had considered before – I live in now – now I am who I am.”

Sue Neville

“Yoga is.. a chance to switch off and an opportunity to redress the balance of the universe, and find one’s place in it. I think I am finding mine.”


“I started yoga at a time in my life which was very stressful. I badly needed to refocus on what was important in life, and to get off what seemed like an never ending hamster wheel. Yoga enabled me to stop and take time to consider who I am – I feel calmer … I LOVE IT!”


“Daisy… I joined your classes in May 2010 and can honestly say I have never looked back. Thank you so much. My reason for joining was a back injury sustained a few years ago, although I had recovered the weakness was still very apparent; every so often I was back at the osteopath. The class was just what I was looking for – welcoming and totally unintimidating, your explanations of exercise have given me huge benefits, and my whole back strength is vastly improved. And the fact we work on the WHOLE body make so much sense. My raving about it are now also enjoyed by my husband and daughter who are now raving about its benefits.”

Emma Wright

“My mat is 5 feet 8 inches long by 2 feet wide, but the benefits I have found on it cannot be measured.
In a ninety minute yoga class, I learn ninety things a minute.
Thou I often do yoga with my eyes closed, it helps me to see.
Every time I stretch out, I reach something new.
After 5 years of forward bends I still can’t quite reach my toes, but I have come further
than any road.”

Julia Bilby