Helping your mind & spirit

“Master your words,
Master your thoughts,
Never allow your body to do harm,
Follow these three roads with purity,
And you will find yourself upon the one way.
The way of wisdom.”

The other  main reason people try yoga is to find a little peace and calm in this fast paced world in which we live. I, along with many people in this world, firmly believe, if the mind is healthy and happy the body will follow.

Stress is a result of not listening to what we need and often pushing ourselves to the limit. This can cause ill health, which can display its self in many ways – affecting sleep, eating, causing headaches, muscle tension, irritability, bad mood, feelings of depression; as well as conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

There comes a time in all our lives where  we ask… there must be more, and that more is finding contentment and happiness. This can be achieved by really understanding what is important and taking a step back. Stopping, getting out of the rat race, if even for just a short time and regularly, being and feeling at peace.

Peace is a state of mind, and a state of being. We can all find this if we allow ourselves to.

meditationAs with all things in life,  it requires a little patience. Patience is often lacking in this  modern world, where we can get material things whenever we want, living in an ever increasing society with an attitude of dispose and buy new. It is often lack of
patience and awareness that leads us into the ill health that we suffer.

Yoga  gives those who practise a chance to really understand themselves. Experiencing the feeling of patience, being calm and the very feeling of stillness, take us into an often new realm, one where we discover that all the answers are never out there, but within.

All the answers are never out there, but within.

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