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QuoteOn a physical level, I teach yoga for real bodies. The physical aspect of yoga can put people off, when they see very complicated poses, in books and on the web. You can wrap your legs round you head if you wish and I could show you how, but I won’t join you!  Yoga is the path to understanding YOU, and working with YOU, and not from a competitive nature or ego.  This way you really understand what you need on all levels.

Physical pain – especially back pain which is very common – is one of the main reasons people try yoga, it  will certainly help without a doubt. Yoga is widely recommended by GP’s,  Physiotherapists, Osteopaths…etc.. as a very effective way of elevating,  managing and, in some cases and depending on how the pain arrived, curing back pain, under the guidance of a trained  experienced teacher. A huge amount of research has gone into the benefits of yoga in the last 20 years, with very positive, beneficial results.

QuoteYoga understands that we are all different. This is why there are many variations on poses. In a typical class, people are of all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, therefore what might be good for one may not be good for another. As a teacher, it is my role to help you get the most from your body.

You do not need to be flexible to do it…. this is the whole point, yoga helps you to gain flexibility. This is why not only back pain sufferers come, but those with arthritis, joint and muscle tension and stiffness.

Our bodies are constantly battered by life, from the jobs we do, our posture, accidents and injury or various illness. Yoga really helps to regain strength and flexibility that may have been lost.

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