All venues are very warm in the winter. They are independent and offer a calm environment conducive to yoga.

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The Adult School, Higham Ferrers

Adult School, Higham Ferrers

7.15 to 8.30pm

Early class: 6 to 7.15pm
Late class: 7.30 to 8.45pm

Adult School Hall, Westfields Terrace, Higham Ferrers NN10 8BB

This is a very cute venue, my longest established class, running since 2002. Incredibly warm and cosy, built in the 1920’s for the purpose of adult education, it is still going strong today. It is very modern inside, with a sealed floor and new central heating which sees us in light clothes on a winter evening.
The Adult School is located on the corner with Nene Road and there is plenty of street parking in the immediate vicinity.

Map - Adult School, Higham Ferrers
Map of The Adult School, Higham Ferrers. Click the map for a better view in Google Maps.

The Studio, Rushden

The Studio, Rushden
7.15 to 8.30pm

The Studio, 23B Fitzwilliam Street, Rushden NN10 9YW

The Studio in Rushden  – a beautiful space, it offers carpeted underfloor heating. This is the perfect venue with soft lighting and surround sound. Everyone loves this space. It was originally a typical Northants shoe factory and has now been converted into a beautiful space.
There is plenty of car parking available in the Duck Street car park, only a couple of minutes’ walk away.

Please note:
This venue is set back off the road, nearer to the bottom of the hill of Fitzwilliam Street. Between the terrace houses of 21 & 25, you will see a drive, taking you toward the old shoe factory. Go through the black Iron Gate to the BIG BLUE DOOR – the door will be open.

Just leave your shoes in the hall on entry, and follow your nose round to the left.

map - the studio
Map of The Studio, Rushden. Click the map for a better view in Google Maps.

The Methodist Church, Higham Ferrers

View of Methodist Church, Higham Ferrers, from the High Street
1.15 to 2.30pm

The High Street, Higham Ferrers
NN10 8DD

The Methodist church in Higham Ferrers is one of the High Street’s most iconic and well recognised buildings. Having been lovingly restored and completed in November 2021, it has reclaimed its rightful presence in Higham, in all its glory. The building offers a beautiful environment to be in, and a very peaceful and inspiring space for yoga.

The hall is equipped with very modern facilities and offers UNDERFLOOR HEATING during the winter months and beautiful soft natural light from dual aspect windows some of which are stained glass.

Parking/Entrance and Location
The venue is located on the corner of the High Street and Queensway, Higham Ferrers. It is almost opposite (on the corner – a little further toward Rushden) the Co-Op shop.
Entrance of the Methodist Church, Higham Ferrers

Parking and entrance are at the rear of the venue – where the white entrance hall is located (see picture). Turn into Queensway and then into Linnets Lane. There is a car park, and some additional parking space can also be found on the road along Linnets Lane.
Caution: parking is time restricted at the bottom of Queensway near the junction with the High Street.

PARKING POSTCODE is NN10 8DE – access parking and Linnets Lane from Queensway.

The Methodist Church, Higham Ferrers
Map of The Masonic Hall, Rushden. Click the map for a better view in Google Maps.


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