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Please read this page if you are considering joining to ensure maximum enjoyment from classes and your first session.

Awaken with Yoga offers Inspiring, interesting and unique fresh thinking classes in excellent independent venues.

Beginners welcome in all classes.

  • I have plenty of spare mats and all the equipment you need
  • If you have a mat of your own feel free to bring it along
  • You will need a blanket (for relaxation) and wear comfortable clothing
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early for your first session

Class times

Monday evening The Adult School, Higham Ferrers 7pm to 8.30 pm
Tuesday evening The Studio, Rushden 7pm to 8.30 pm
Wednesday afternoon The Masonic Hall, Rushden 1pm to 2.30 pm

Optional: This class is open for both pay as you go drop in attendance or as part of term fee

Wednesday evening The Adult School, Higham Ferrers 7pm to 8.30 pm

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Costs and how classes run

Join any time, space permitting and subject to booking. No need to wait for the start of a new term.

Trial session is welcome – £9 – see below for more information.

£45 pp for 6 weeks, paid from your first session. Pay by cash (preferred) or cheque. Pay in class.
The term fee of £45 runs consecutively and is due at the end of each 6 weeks in advance of the next 6 weeks, to reserve your space for as long as you wish to attend… simple!

The Wednesday afternoon class at 1pm is open for Both: pay as you go drop in attendance or Term fee whichever suits you best.

Classes are run as you would expect from any professional activity club, college course or gym. This is a manageable affordable term rate. A simple term fee system means lower class costs. Equating to just £7.50 per 1.5 hour session with an established school and a long term experienced teacher, is excellent value. There are no lengthy contracts, you have motivation to attend, a guaranteed space each week, sufficient space for comfort & capped numbers for effective teaching… Just come and enjoy.

Can I do one class first, to try it?

Yes you can. A one off trial session is £9. Cash only. Pay in class. No commitment. Open to any new student regardless of whether you have done yoga before. Booking is still required, space permitting.
If you are unsure a trial session is a great way to have a go, While a trial is welcome it is only a taste! 6 weeks is recommended to form a fully educated opinion as classes vary in content each week.

Do you work shifts?

You can alternate between one evening class (any one you decide) and the Wednesday afternoon class.

What if I can’t attend?

Awaken with Yoga offers a bonus system if you wish to take advantage of it in the event you may have an occasional genuine reason you cannot attend.

If you can attend a class during the week but not your normal registered class, you can book to switch to another session during that week, if, e.g. family emergencies, parents evening etc.

If you cannot attend ANY class during the course of a week (e.g. due to illness), sessions can be made up by attending 2 sessions in any ONE week you decide throughout your personal attendance year – from the time you join to the same time the following year. You do not have to make classes up immediately, so there is no pressure. Doing more than one session of yoga a week works at a deeper level and you will really notice the difference.

PLEASE NOTE: Switching and making up sessions operates on an honesty box policy –please respect the following, which enables it to work: Is not to be abused in instances such as frequent work related issues  If your job rules your life it would be difficult to commit to any class of any nature.    Likewise;  If you choose not to attend  – its cold, etc…or if you choose to override your class with another engagement of choice like a night out. This is fair enough

Of course you do not have to switch sessions or make them up, the choice is yours – many simply let it go, and accept it  is part of the path.

When the above system is respected it works – and generally it is and mostly people are accommodated . Please consider: many  classes and courses charge a block booking but there will be no refund or there may be no classes to swap to if you cannot attend a session – I arrange it from good will and although not a right – this is a bonus! .


There are free personal weeks available after a qualifying period of attendance. You choose when to take them and what for.

There are close downs in line with main / school holiday seasons.

How to book

Classes are popular and class numbers are capped for your comfort and effective learning; therefore you need to check space availability, to see when you can start.

Either email, phone or fill in the contact form on the Contact page.  Please continue reading the How to book page for further essential information.

Coming to improve your health and well being?

Questions relating to health matters are not answered on email, please phone. I am more than happy to help you.

Ensuring you get the most out of yoga is my main priority. You are under no obligation to attend if you phone me. Alternatively have a thorough read of this website; it might answer your questions – go to the About Yoga page. Again, if you are unsure please call me.

Why would you like to call?

People practise yoga for many reasons, as it’s a very healing practice. You may wish to ask questions in relation to a specific health matter personal to you, and to see how yoga can help your particular needs and how suitable it is for you. Please call if you are unsure I am more than happy to help you.

Are you a beginner?

The Beginner page will provide you with further information.

Are you having a baby?

I teach One to One sessions for pregnant ladies. You can learn more on the Pregnancy Yoga page.

PROMOTION – new students only..


Just go for it! Pay in full on your first session and take 7 sessions for the price of 6. You save £9.

Don’t forget – while a trial is welcome, it is just a flavour of the class, the venue, atmosphere etc. You need a good few weeks, as with all things, to form an educated opinion and for yoga to start to work for you.