Pregnancy yoga

As pregnancy yoga is a specialised area, I teach one to one or two friends together maximum. Each session lasts 1 hour. I offer a little extra time for your first session due to induction. I travel to you so you can enjoy the session in the comfort of your home. 

Pregnant yoga student
Yoga is a fantastic path to get into and enjoy through your pregnancy, helping to strengthen muscles, alleviate back pain and keep hips and joints supple.

Having a baby can be a journey into the unknown and, while very exciting, can often be a  daunting and anxious time for you.

I can teach you meditation techniques to help calm your mind and get connected with your baby. I can also help you understand breathing techniques that can really assist with labour and help you to feel more relaxed and calm generally.

The charges and service for personal pregnancy yoga are the same as for Personal Tuition (click here for full information). 1 or 2 people maximum.

Special offer: Just 3 sessions can improve your pregnancy experience greatly! Cost is £120.00 for 1 pregnant lady – or £180 for 2 pregnant ladies (£90.00 each) pre booked and paid. You can alter dates subject to 48 hours’ notice.