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Create Love

loveIf I learn to create love in my heart and silently share it with everyone I meet, love will grace every corner of my life.

We know the expression we are what we eat… Well, we become and are what we think.

Your thoughts determine your action, make your thoughts good ones and good action follows, so good stuff comes back

This is the simple foundation to good karma for us all.

Regard for others makes them our helpers

Projection: Working with others we usually find ourselves expecting others to cooperate with us. And sometimes we are not able to get their cooperation. We are, then, disappointed and look for help from elsewhere or seek to change the place of work. But we find that it is just a temporary solution.

Solution: Each and every individual has a contribution to make for every task at hand. We need to give a chance and allow them to make their contribution. This is possible when we provide them with the right environment of love and regard. When we respect them for what they are, they will naturally continue to provide us support and help.


Love is pure, yet sometimes we question the very words, not believing, seeing something other than the simplicity of what is there – especially if from an unexpected source?

Loves heals when all seems broken

Love melts away pain and anger

Love is infinite.. yet sometimes we may feel we don’t have enough – The only barriers are the ones in your mind

Love is easy.. Yet we make it so complicated, protecting our hearts! They never break just get stronger

Love is unconditional… yet we often apply condition.. Is this love?

We all need love…you must give it … and just enjoy it when it comes.. it will always come back

We love in different ways – the love of a parent, a child, friends, the love of life, the love of something in your life because love is a feeling

Love is the greatest teacher, just pay attention and listen

Tell someone you love them