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Create Love

loveIf I learn to create love in my heart and silently share it with everyone I meet, love will grace every corner of my life.

We know the expression we are what we eat… Well, we become and are what we think.

Your thoughts determine your action, make your thoughts good ones and good action follows, so good stuff comes back

This is the simple foundation to good karma for us all.


gratitude“Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest easiest most powerful way to effect change in your life.

Here’s the gift of gratitude: in order to feel it your ego has to take a back seat. What shows up in its place is greater compassion and understanding. Instead of being frustrated, you choose appreciation and the more grateful you become, the more you have to be grateful for.
What ever you are going through it will pass. So say thank you now. Because you know the rainbow is coming.”

Adapted from an article by Oprah Winfrey


“What seem to be the hardest of situations will in some way or form leave you with something to be grateful for eventually… keep positive”



wantThe knocks and bangs of life lead us to taking time to recover….. After recovery we are often left with scars..Emotional and physical.

A scar is a symbol that first we have survived, and also that we are now stronger, however they are also a reminder that we are not invincible physically and are sometimes delicate emotionally.

A scar is a reminder of the lessons, and also an ongoing lesson to learn from that scar.

After periods of recovery to wellness again remember also nothing is ever the same again. A scar reminds us that we have now changed; therefore we have to allow for that, treating our body and heart with more respect, and gratitude.

Sometimes we stop noticing that scar, while occasionally this is great… but to forget entirely may mean that scar will bite us again, the physical will flare up or the emotional will get damaged again; as we have not learned.

Your scars make you more beautiful inside and out.

Learn to love them

Don’t nurture, protect or dwell on them,

But just keep them in mind.

They charter your journey of change

Be Above Wants

featherheartAsk only for what you really need.

“Learn to say: ‘Don’t want, don’t want, don’t want.’

That will make you someone who is above wants.

The minute you feel you don’t want anything, things will come to you.

At that point, don’t say, ‘I don’t want it.’ If it comes, let it come. Because it’s not that you wanted those things. They wanted you.

If you are a true renunciate, if you didn’t want anything, everything comes to you. When there’s no grabbing and holding onto things, they’ll be happy to come to you because they are not owned by you, you don’t bind them and they don’t bind you. You are always free, free, free.


Try it … again nothing to lose

A Yogic Touch

“Do anything and everything with the idea of serving God, serving humanity, serving the world-at-large. You can serve everything. You can serve a table; you can serve a chair. If you don’t pull the chair mercilessly from one corner to another corner, you are serving the chair. Move it gently. Whatever we handle roughly, will feel the pain. Not only human beings feel pain and cry—everything in the creation does. There should be a gentle, soft, and yogic touch in everything, and with a compassionate feeling behind it.

“God bless you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.”

HH Sri Swami Satchidananda

HH Sri Swami Satchidananda
HH Sri Swami Satchidananda

Swami Satchidananda is a very inspiring teacher, and has done so much to move the path of yoga forward in the western world since the 1960’s. He is a grandfather of yoga in our time. You might like to know He was the great guru that opened the Woodstock festival in 1969.

I have a beautiful book written by him, that I have had for many years that never fails to inspire and light my life with love and healing

I am on the mailing list for HH Sri Swami Satchidananda. And often get lovely things sent through to me. This came through last week so I thought you might like to consider this. 


Let go & feel free

let-goJust as the bird has to find the courage to let go of the branch in order to fly,

so we also must let go of our branches if we are to know the exhilaration of soaring to the highest potential of our life.

The branches we hold to are our inner attachments – our beliefs, ideas and thoughts, memories that often hold us back.

And then there are the outer attachments – people, possessions, positions physical conditions are but a few.

What attachments inside and, out stop you from flying.

We all have something our HEART wants to follow!