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wantThe knocks and bangs of life lead us to taking time to recover….. After recovery we are often left with scars..Emotional and physical.

A scar is a symbol that first we have survived, and also that we are now stronger, however they are also a reminder that we are not invincible physically and are sometimes delicate emotionally.

A scar is a reminder of the lessons, and also an ongoing lesson to learn from that scar.

After periods of recovery to wellness again remember also nothing is ever the same again. A scar reminds us that we have now changed; therefore we have to allow for that, treating our body and heart with more respect, and gratitude.

Sometimes we stop noticing that scar, while occasionally this is great… but to forget entirely may mean that scar will bite us again, the physical will flare up or the emotional will get damaged again; as we have not learned.

Your scars make you more beautiful inside and out.

Learn to love them

Don’t nurture, protect or dwell on them,

But just keep them in mind.

They charter your journey of change