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http://www.flickr.com/photos/smazurov/4561216355/To be enthusiastic is to be free.

A caged bird has the ability to fly, but is unable to spread its wings and soar.

I need to remind myself that  being enthusiastic in all situations is like being a free bird reaching great heights.

When I experience this inner freedom and appreciate the joy it brings, I will  be able to sustain it even when things go wrong.

To be enthusiastic is to be free..

Think Eternity

Life experiences are like sentences – we are always looking for the full stop, the conclusion. It’s OK to end a train of thought, but not thought itself. Thoughts are the beginning of our creation and are here to be creative. Thoughts are like the magic carpet on which the soul rides across eternity – in reality, there are no endings, no conclusions.

Rest for the spirit (which is what we are) is when we allow only the current of the purest thoughts to flow through our mind – thoughts which carry good wishes and blessings for ourselves and others. This is not so much going with the flow, as being in the flow, and being refreshed by the flow. It is how we refresh ourselves. For when we have powerful, positive thoughts for and about others, who experiences them first?


Attachment is when the thread of my intellect gets sewn into the story of others.

When I am attached to people, situations or ideas
I lose the clarity of my own inner world and inner experience.

This outward focus links my thinking so closely to others that I am no longer aware of the respectful space between myself and everything around me.

It’s time to create respectful space in my life, for me.